A counter is a physical reminder placed on a card. Some counters add to and/or subtract from ATK and/or DEF. Counters can be anything readily available, such as small beads, buttons, coins, anything you want as long as it stays clear exactly how many counters are on the card. Dice are often the preferred way of keeping track of counters, as even with different types of counters, different types of dice can help keep things clear.

ATK/DEF Modification CountersEdit

These are counters that modify the ATK and DEF of the character they are on. +1/+1 counters increase each value by 1 for as long as the counter remains on the card. When a character becomes stunned, they do not lose these counters. -1 ATK counters decrease the attack of the character they are on by 1. 

Cosmic CountersEdit

Cosmic counters are special counters that follow a certain set of rules. For more information, see the Cosmic page.

Shift CountersEdit

Shift counters are also special counters that follow a certain set of rules. For more information, see the Shift page.

Other Named CountersEdit

Below is a list of every other type of counter used in VS System, accompanied by the names of the cards that use them.

Dream Counter (Xavier's Dream)

Invisibility Counter (Invisible Woman, The Invisible Girl)

Web Counter (Spider-Man, New Fantastic Four; Spider-Man, Ultimates)

Repair Counter (Nimrod, Mutant Hunter)

Micro Counter (Micro-Sentinels)

Ballot Counter (Rigged Elections)

Plague Counter (Clench Virus; Wheel of Plagues; Poisoned!)

Rebirth Counter (Siege Perilous)

Mirror Counter (Echo, Maya Lopez)

Twin Counter (Crimson Fox, Vivien and Constance D'Aramis)

Power Counter (The Oblivion Bar)

Energy Counter (Legion Headquarters)

Doomsday Counter (Hellboy, The Right Hand of Doom; Grigori Rasputin, The Mad Monk; Project Ragna Rok)

Bounty Counter (Bounty Hunt, Capture Net)

Despair Counter (Xorn's Takeover)

Shield Counter (Captain America, Loyal Patriot)

Aim Counters (Sniper Shot)

Time Counter (Rigged Explosives)

Tech Counter (Stark Armory)

Gamma Counter (Hulk, Green Scar)

Bullet Counter (James Barnes - Captain America, Legacy Reborn)

Sniper Counter (James Barnes - Winter Soldier, Out in the Cold)

Strategy Counter (War Room)